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Performances Developed For Schools, Churches, Private Organizations, and Public Theatre Venues 


Commissioned Offerings Available By Contract


Proudly Takes History To The Stage



Following are our current stock offerings available with 2 months notice

Tennessee’s  First  Ladies

Rachel Jackson ~ Sarah Childress Polk ~ Eliza Ann Johnson ~  as seen in: Rachel’s Garden(12m)~ Sarah’s Office (25m) And , Eliza’s Kitchen (30m)  The President’s wives tell their own stories. Available separately as one acts, or: together as a full musical play (2 hrs)

Just call me Andy

Our 17th President tells the story of his hardscrabble orphan boyhood, why he instituted a Free Public Education system for children, and had the “ fool  hearted idea” of buying our

49th State (Alaska) from Russia for $7.2 million. (performed in 45 m ) 

 The Polk House

The House speaks for itself in an  unusual tale where the Nashville home  of  James Knox Polk, was sadly and thoughtlessly raised to build a .. . ?  Come hear the house tell. (25m)

Memories from Africa 

The Humanitarianism & Spiritual  Philosophy of Nobel Peace Prize wining 

Dr. Albert Schweitzer, played out in a one man show performance (2 hrs.)(video also available)

Christmas on the Titanic 

It’s Christmas Eve, 1910, in the Belfast Ireland ship yards. A carpenter entices his wife aboard

the iconic ship, still under construction, to surprise her  with a gift of passage on the ship’s

maiden voyage to America.  Did she  accept? (chronicles true life  circumstances (35m) 

A Cup for Aunt Birdie

A child tells of her move to  Industrious Nashville, from her  serene Appalachia home.

Children’s Monologue. (15m) Full Play (2.5 hr.) 

The Ryman Diaries

I’ts Nov 1864, as war rages through Franklin, TN, a young Bettie Baugh begins her diary, which eventually includes her marriage to Captain Tom Ryman, their(7) children, and the building of their Union Gospel Tabernacle, Now the Mother  Church of Country Music.


Presentation flexible-45m to 2hrs. 

Dinah Sings Again

A short insight into the life of Nashville’s, Dinah Shore. Dinah presents her story in

verse and song. Time varies (25m – 50m)

Willie’s Coming Home

It’s a cold December night, 1861 somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley.  A young Confederate Soldier speaks of the glory and fear of battle in a Christmas  letter home. Come spring 1862,

his Mother speaks in relief, as her Willie is to be welcomed home. Does he make it?  (20m) 

Mark Twain Live

Humor tales, and sketches, delivered  By ‘Sam Clemens’,  Himself.  
 Appearances tailored to suit:  (20m to 2 hrs)

Tribute to the Women of Country Music
Step back in time and enjoy the  Iconic Music of the Women of  Country Music, from the Golden Era thereof. Minnie Pearl included (1 hour)  

 Anne Dallas Dudley

The trials, tribulations, successes, and humor associated with the Nashville  Suffragist who spearheaded the passage  of our 19th Amendment to the U.S.  Constitution, giving women

the right to vote , in the year of our Lord 1920 “ eloquently ” delivered in (35m) 

And In Development

Captain Tom

The Broadway musical in Nashville style.  The complete Ryman saga with associated

1800’s era characters, heroes, and scoundrels. Come cavort with them, for (2.5 hrs.)

Waiting for Andy

(Rachel’s Lament)

Late December 1828, First Lady to be, Rachel Jackson, speaks trepiditiously from her

Hermitage home about her pending move to the White House.(50m) 

Once Upon a Train

~ a multi - media musical production ~

The story of the World War II canteen  volunteers serving troop trains across the

U.S. (1941–1946). Joy, heart break, and Romance, all played out. in  (90m) 

Tennessee Governor Frank Clement

“ The Beginning Years”

The story of an empathetic young man’s  rise from high school to the Governors Mansion by

the age of 32. Who then, wisely & caringly instituted necessary Civil Rights  and Educational advancements during his three term, 16 year service tenor. ( presented in 40m via multimedia) 

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